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Everything’s coming together. From design and planning through the construction stage, you’ve waited and watched as your newly remodeled home progressed from vision to design to reality. You’ve made countless decisions, most of the work has been completed, and you can hardly wait to see it finished, and get your home back! You’ve also invested a lot of time and money, so you want it to be spectacular.

The punch list, along with paint, clean-up and close-out, is the final step in making sure your new space is 100% complete and ready to enjoy! We often refer to this stage as the final 1%. This last step requires a lot of effort, as the tendency is to want to move on to the next big job. That’s why at Cottage we treat this very important stage as it’s own entity that requires specific focus and management.

Substantial Completion

Once your project reaches substantial completion, the punch list stage begins.  Substantial completion is a construction term meaning the project is fully functional, each trade has completed their tasks, and the living space has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to occupy, with one exception … the punch list.

What does substantial completion look like? It’s when sinks and appliances are all working, toilets are properly flushing, painting is done, and furniture can be put back in place.

Once we reach substantial completion the final clean-up is performed. We bring in professional cleaners to perform tasks like removing stickers and decals from interior and/or exterior surfaces; removing adhesive from sinks, floors, tubs, and showers; and vacuuming cabinets and drawers. Everything from light fixtures to mirrors and appliances are thoroughly cleaned, with the result being a walk-in ready home.

Any items not completed or not acceptable are then added to a written punch list and are managed with focus until we reach 100% completion.

The Punch List

During the final walk-through, we create a punch list to ensure that all work meets  your expectations. The punch list can cover any number of minor issues. It could be as simple as a crooked switch plate or a slight paint imperfection. There might be a replacement part or fixture that hasn’t yet arrived, or a cabinet door that’s scratched. At Cottage, we thoroughly review all aspects of the project with you and note any items particular to each trade that need some form of touch-up.   

How We Close Out Your Remodeling Project

At Cottage Industries, we work hard to ensure there are no major surprises for you throughout the remodeling process. That’s why we discuss the punch list stage during our pre-construction meeting with you. While we can’t predict with any certainty what items will be on your own punch list, years of experience let us prepare you for some of the common issues that can arise.

Throughout this stage, we coordinate with your schedule. We know you’re ready to simply enjoy your newly remodeled kitchen, bathroom, or addition, so we try to get the work done in the most efficient manner possible. We do this, for example, by trying to have each tradesperson come in just once to complete her or his final tasks. You can rest assured that our client relationships continue far beyond substantial completion. We are always just a call away to take care of any detail that needs our attention.

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At Cottage Industries, our design-build process helps you realize your remodeling goals while staying within your budget and schedule. If you’re ready to start the remodeling process for your Main Line or Philadelphia area home, schedule a conversation with us today. We look forward to meeting you!


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