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If the design and planning stage is when the magic begins, the next stage, construction, is where your vision takes physical form. It’s undoubtedly an exciting time for you – and it is for us, as well! At Cottage Industries, we love making your remodeling ideas come to life.

The Construction Stage

The construction team is a diverse group of people committed to the completion of your project. It includes the owners of Cottage Industries, the tradespeople who perform the work, your project manager – who manages the daily routines – and the designers who are always available to answer questions or work through issues that may arise over the life of the project.

The tradespeople we partner with are proven professionals who bring their own creative ideas and concepts to the process. They, too, are passionate about being the best at what they do. They share our commitment to great design and understand the importance of constructing a home that your family will cherish for years to come. We believe you and your home deserve the utmost respect and care. We encourage a spirit of cooperation and shared vision that ensures a smooth construction process and an enjoyable experience.

Throughout the life of your remodel, we keep the following principles in mind:

  • We treat your home with respect. It may be a job site to others, but it’s a home to you, and we never lose sight of that important fact.
  • We believe a successful project is one that’s completed on time so you can have your home – and your life – back to normal as quickly as possible.
  • We foster open and frequent communication, which improves the quality and efficiency of your project.  
  • We know that teamwork is essential to the success of your project. From demo to paint, we work as a team with the common goal of making you happy.

Building a Team

At Cottage Industries, our trusted tradesmen and women care deeply about  the work they do and how your home is treated during construction. We believe this is where the design-build approach really makes a difference. Our entire team is invested in and committed to seeing your design vision fully realized, with even the smallest details getting the same level of care and quality craftsmanship as the larger ones do. Design and construction personnel keep in touch throughout the process, helping your project come in on time and on budget.

Site Preparation

Before demo begins, we need to prepare and protect your home for what lies ahead. Whether you’ll be staying in the house during construction or not, one of our top concerns is planning for the impact the work will have on you and your family. We start with the practical details we discuss during the pre-construction meeting, including:

  • Safety and lock up procedures.
  • Protection of living areas for containment of dust.
  • Special arrangements for any allergies family members have.
  • Creation of temporary kitchens or storage areas.

Construction dust is the bane of any remodeling project. Most of it gets kicked up during demolition and drywall sanding, but every phase of the job produces some dust. A good “dust plan” can involve barriers to isolate the work area, sticky mats that help pull dust and dirt off shoes before entering the house, rosin paper and tape, or a product called Builder Board. Temporary floor and wall protection helps protect these surfaces from paint, foot traffic and other potential damage that may occur during a remodeling projects.

During Construction

All our craftsmen and women will respect your home as if it were their own. You never need to worry about things like mud tracked through the house, workers smoking in your home, or cigarette butts littering the lawn. We also keep you informed of procedures that could impact your family’s daily life, like when we need to use high-odor products.

Inside and out, our people truly care about the work they do and the impression they leave. They take great pride in a job well done, even if it’s something that will eventually be covered up, like wiring or plumbing.

Should You Stay or Go?

As exciting as it can be to see your new space come to life, the reality is that living in a construction zone can also be stressful. Depending on the scope of the work, your family’s quality of life can suffer and it may be more than you want to handle. In other words, when the construction crew arrives, you may want to leave. The good news is that doing so can sometimes save you money!

Deciding whether to live at home or move out during a renovation can be a tough call. You have to weigh the disruption of relocating to new surroundings with the dust, banging, and distractions that come with staying put. Don’t overlook the emotional benefit to moving out, either. There’s a lot to be said for not having to see, hear, and smell all that goes into a remodel.

There are many options for escaping: a friend or relative’s home, an extended stay hotel or, better yet, a vacation timed to coincide with the demolition stage. Working in an unoccupied home can also be much more productive for the crew. For example, the work can go more quickly if there’s no worrying about your family’s comings and goings. If you put your trust in the people who are committed to turning your dream into a reality, and treat the remodeling experience as an adventure, you can return to the beautiful home you’ve always wanted.

At Cottage Industries, our design-build process helps you reach your renovation goals while staying within your budget. If you’re ready to begin remodeling your Main Line or Philadelphia area home, schedule a conversation with us today. We look forward to meeting you!


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