Our Design Build Process

The entire Cottage Industries family is dedicated to the satisfaction of each and every customer. We take a team approach to design by incorporating expertise from many fields during the design phase when their input can best be utilized. Although we are not a formula-based company, we have well defined procedures for each step of the design and build process. This way our clients can take comfortable, incremental steps to achieving their goals. Our team treats each project with a hands on approach from start to finish. We are conscious that your home is an investment in your family’s future, which is why we always strive for excellence.


No Obligation. The design-build process begins with good communication. One of our partners will come to your home, ask pertinent questions, and listen carefully to your ideas and concerns. We’ll discuss your priorities and goals, as well as your budget considerations, so that we can create a complete and meaningful proposal for the design and construction of your home remodeling or addition project. Our first meeting doesn’t require any obligations.


A written design proposal will follow a successful first meeting. The proposal will include a list of your goals, the design steps we will follow, information pertaining to ballpark costing and its importance in guiding design, and a fixed cost for the design work described. If we’ve done our job well, the information in the proposal will offer a path to solutions.


Upon acceptance of the proposal, we begin the design phase. One of our partners will meet at your home with one or more of our design team members to review the goals of your project. In some cases, this may be an architect, an interior space planner, a kitchen designer or an engineer. They will take measurements and photographs, identifying any issues that may arise during the process, and ask additional questions. Our goal is to produce schematic concepts for each area and present these to you over the course of several meetings. This helps narrow the overall scope to determine the best design direction. We continue to develop the design until an acceptable plan has emerged and is ready for cost estimating.


Once the designs are complete and you are happy with the results, a construction walk-through is scheduled and all of the necessary team members and trades-people will review the project first hand. You’ll meet the people that will actually be performing the work on your home. After the walk-through, they will provide us with additional feedback on the design and the costs associated with their trades. We compile the information into a detailed construction proposal. The proposal will include everything needed for your project with itemized breakdown of costs including, labor and materials, allowances, options, and a preliminary construction schedule with a payment plan.


This meeting takes place once the construction contract is signed and we have completed the permit application. We will introduce you to your project manager if you haven’t yet met to discuss things like communications, health and safety, dust protection, dumpster location, access to the home, lock-up procedures, schedule details, and a variety of other important aspects of the process so that you have clear expectation of how things will be managed.


Once the building permits are in place, we schedule the construction start. First comes demolition, followed by foundation, framing, then plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Once things have been inspected, we can insulate, sheetrock or plaster, and install trim, cabinetry and other finishes. This is followed by paint, final cleaning, punch list, and move-in (just not quite that fast)!


At the end we will organize the list of items that need attention so we can successfully get to 100% completion. We meet, review the list, and provide a written schedule for completion.


Our projects are covered by a comprehensive 5 year warranty. There is no better warranty in the business and we will back it up with quick service whenever needed. You will not need to make multiple phone calls to have your issues resolved.