Architectural Design for Historic Home Restoration & More

At Cottage Industries, Inc., we specialize in helping you restore your home with an eye toward maintaining its architectural integrity. Whether your home is centuries old or just a few decades, we can ensure its architectural design and craftsmanship are reimagined in a way that gives you the home of your dreams without disturbing what makes your home unique.

When we remodel a home on the Main Line, we want to achieve the following goals:

  • Preserve the home’s unique charm.
  • Respect the history of the home and the neighborhood.
  • Be cognizant of all historical design restrictions.
  • Prepare a design that beautifully caters to the needs of the homeowner.

Should you choose Cottage Industries to handle the architectural design phase, we will focus on delivering a seamless design and remodeling process that addresses every detail from start to finish.

The Design Phase

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we begin the design phase. Our design team will meet on-site to review the goals of your project and begin executing the following steps:

  1. Space evaluation – We take measurements and photographs to document your existing architecture and determine the best design direction to achieve your vision.
  2. Design development – In collaboration with you, we develop a comprehensive set of architectural plans, drawings and renderings that allow you to visualize your remodeled home even before construction begins. We also rely on input from our partners in each pertinent field to find the optimum value solutions for the design.
  3. Historical cohesion – Once an acceptable plan has been developed, we will work with respective neighborhood historical societies and municipalities to ensure the design conforms to the historical style of the neighborhood and qualifies for all necessary permits.

Through precise planning and careful attention to detail, Cottage Industries creates stunning, functional and modern spaces your family can enjoy for years to come.

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