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You’ve probably heard the term “millennials,” but what does it mean when it comes to how you think about your home renovation or remodeling project? Philadelphia’s population of millennials—young people, ages 20 to 34—has grown in recent years. If you’re looking to renovate or add on to your home, you might consider including home features millennials in Philadelphia desire.

From 2006 to 2014, the number of millennials in Philadelphia jumped 41 percent, according to News Works. That makes Philadelphia the city with the fastest growth in millennials of the country’s 10 largest cities.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the coming few years or not, paying attention to what home features millennials desire could help you in the long run. Sixty percent of millenials say they plan to buy a home in the future, and they consider home-ownership an important goal, according to a 2014 Consumer Insights Survey.

Today we’ll explore the home features millennials desire in Philadelphia, so you’ll be able to make some savvy decisions when it comes to redoing your home.

  1. Single-family home

The good news for those who live in the suburbs is that while a small portion of millennials say want to call the city home, most (55 to 66 percent) say they want a home in the suburbs.

Millennials are also in the market for single-family homes. The survey found that most millennials would like to have 2,475 square feet, while two-story homes with open-concept floor plans are also desired.

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  1. Smart technology

Whether it’s a thermostat or an oven they want to set remotely, smart technology is one of the home features millennials are looking for.

From home automation and home security systems, to technology that makes life easier, millennials say they are willing to pay for tech upgrades. They want to be able to unlock their front door from their smartphone, and turn up the heat or air conditioning remotely before getting home.

Curious how to give your home a tech facelift? Read these 9 tech tools to make your home look smart.

  1. Laundry room

For many millennials, memories of schlepping dirty clothes to a dorm laundry room or Laundromat aren’t that far removed. So it’s not surprising the age group places value on having a dedicated laundry room in the home they buy.

A laundry room with a modern washer and dryer, space for folding clothes, a sink, and even a pet washing station is ideal for a young buyer. Some millennials also prefer having a laundry room located on the second floor of the home, if that’s where the bedrooms are, to avoid trips up and down the stairs with all that laundry.

  1. Master suite

Gone are the days of a master bedroom being enough. One of the home features millennials desire is a master suite, complete with a bathroom and walk-in closet.

Double sinks, large showers, soaking tubs, and that popular “spa-like feel” are on the top of many a millennial’s list, and they’ll likely be willing to pay a little more for a master suite with a bathroom that provides a wow factor.

A walk-in closet with ample space is also a plus in the millennial book. Storage is an important factor outside the bedroom too, so consider whether your home has enough linen closets, garage storage, pantry space, and more.

  1. Outdoor space

Also high on the list of home features millennials desire is having outdoor space to entertain friends and family. But not just any outdoor space—an area that extends the feel of the home’s interior.

From top-notch grills and outdoor kitchens, to fireplaces and cozy sitting areas, millennials say they want outdoor features that extend their living space and take their parties to the next level.

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  1. Design

Millennials have had perhaps the greatest access of the generations to viewing home interiors and renovations, thanks to the proliferation of home repair and remodeling television channels and shows.

Millennials also turn to the Internet to see what the cutting-edge trends in home design are. They are looking for design elements like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and the latest colors they see on TV and online.

Many are willing to pay for move-in-ready spaces that are well designed, as opposed to going for a fixer-upper. That doesn’t necessarily mean millennials are looking for only modern or contemporary styles. Studies have found that “modern traditional” and “casual organic” are popular designs.

As you plan your home addition, remodel, or redo, keep these factors in mind. You just might find yourself with a millennial buyer when you’re ready to sell your home.

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