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When we look at combining different disciplines into a coherent team and plan, a lot of it comes down to timing and trust that has been earned over time.

We work with many talented local artisans with whom we have a long history, ensuring our confidence as well as your absolute delight in the outcome.

In the effort to produce the best possible result, timing is also a consideration. We want to make sure we are bringing the right people in at exactly the right time during the course of the work. This approach streamlines the flow, with one job segueing into the next in an almost fluid progression, right through to completion. In the end, we feel that this helps the work progress smoothly from start to finish.

Architecture vs. Interior Design

Though the two disciplines go hand-in-hand, there are important differences between architecture and interior design. At Cottage Industries, we apply an integrated workflow, which considers both the design and build phases. However, every stage of the process has its time, place, and person. What this means is that even though the architect and the interior designer may not work together on the project at the same time, they have, early in the process, conferred on the common goals and made decisions based on those ideas.

architecture with interior design

We like to put the designers and the architects together as early as possible during the planning phases. This ensures that the end result is cohesive in both look and feel. Materials, design, flow, these all come into play from both sides.

To break it down further, the architect is responsible for the big-picture issues, like the structural design, code issues, exterior materials, layouts, placement of windows, doors, stairways, and how the building performs from an energy standpoint.

An interior designer, on the other hand, is going to handle how the interiors of the home will look in the end – finishes, hardware, fixtures, tile, flooring, soft goods (furniture), window treatments, and other design concepts.

A Harmonious Workflow Brings The Best Results

The ultimate goal from both points of view is to create harmony. However, there are areas in which the two sides overlap. These include the basic floorplans, finishing material selections (tile and wood), paint, and so on. As you can imagine, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

In our design-build workflow, our architects do not necessarily oversee the entire process, which allows us to better control the budget. However, if we do run into a problem along the way, we can bring them in as required to focus on what they do best and help us accomplish our goals quickly and efficiently.

architecture with interior design

The same thing holds true for interior designers that need an architectural design in place prior to designing the interior. In this situation, we bring them in initially for an early consult, after which they are available for consultation throughout the duration of the project.

We bring in specialists whenever needed, scheduling them to work their magic in a way that does not compromise project timelines or budget. Our focus is always on bringing value throughout the process, minimizing the strain and stress that often comes with doing a major renovation or remodel.

It is this method of managing the various different disciplines – that, and our experience with knowing just when and how to bring them in – that keeps our projects on time and budget, which is, ultimately, what keeps our clients happy.

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