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The Main Line homeowners we meet with about home additions have a lot of different reasons for wanting to add on. Some want to expand their home to increase its living and entertaining space, while others are looking to update an older home to accommodate their modern family’s needs. Some of today’s most popular reasons for adding on include building an in-law suite, updated kitchen, or master suite.

The Top Four Benefits of Adding On

There are a lot of benefits to adding on, one of the greatest being the value it adds to your home. Some others include:

  • The additional square footage allows you to reconfigure and customize your house to your tastes and needs. Maybe you need a larger kitchen for family get-togethers, a new baby has arrived, or the in-laws are moving in. With an addition, you can finally have the master suite you’ve dreamed of, or the family room large enough for the kids and their friends to hang out it in. An addition also allows you to repurpose old rooms. For example, once you have your new family room, the previous space can be turned into a guest bedroom or home office.
  • If you already love your home, neighbors, and neighborhood, an addition lets you stay put instead of moving to gain more space. You chose your Gladwyne home for good reasons – the schools, safe neighborhoods, etc. – and now your family has put down roots. If you value your community, you shouldn’t have to leave just because your growing family needs more room.
  • An addition is generally less expensive than buying or building a new home. You don’t need to borrow as much to finance an addition, and you don’t have to worry about selling your current home or finding a new one. All in all, an addition can save you money and be far less stressful than moving.

At Cottage Industries, we believe the primary reason for adding on should be to create a more comfortable and enjoyable home for your family to live in. But there’s no question that by virtue of increasing square footage, an addition adds value. Certain additions add more value than others – for example, extra bathrooms and bedrooms are good bets for high returns. Even if you don’t plan to move in the near future, it’s always good to keep in mind what an addition can mean to the value of your home.

The Emotional Benefits of Adding On

The financial benefits are undeniably important, but renovations are an investment that pay you back in another way – emotionally. In fact, the majority of the homeowners we work with remodel or build an addition because they believe the change will make their family happier. And surveys have found that the emotional payoff for taking on a remodeling project can be great. There is a certain comfort you feel when your home looks the way you envisioned and flows the way you imagined

  • An updated kitchen with an open floor plan that lets you feel more connected as a family.
  • A new master suite that offers a private, personal space to escape to.
  • An added in-law suite that delivers an overall sense of security and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are safe and close by.

Whether you find joy in sharing your new beautiful space with friends and family, are driven by the desire to create a warm and comforting home environment, or just want to create a more convenient layout that makes your home less cramped and cluttered, our goal is to help you achieve the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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Interested in all the benefits of a home addition? Since 1989, we’ve been helping Main Line families create homes filled with love, laughter, and memories. We bring a passion for quality and a zeal for customer service to every addition we design. Much of our remodeling is of homes that have historic value, and we are proud to give them the care and attention they need. We look forward to transforming your home to meet your family’s needs. Schedule a conversation with us today to learn more.

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