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Few remodeling projects offer as much opportunity for gaining elbowroom as building an addition. Nearly every homeowner can relate to the need for more space. For growing families, that need typically becomes obvious as new family members are born, as children get older and need more room to play, and when the kids and their friends start taking over once-adequate living spaces. A room addition is a great way to expand your horizons, maximize space, and turn your home into a place where everyone has a corner to call their own.

Are Room Additions the Ideal Solution for a Growing Family?

Popular room additions include family rooms, great rooms, kitchens, guest rooms, and bedrooms. Room additions are a great solution for growing families, and the related costs are comparatively low when compared to selling your existing home and moving to a larger home somewhere else. They also let you customize the space you need – you can add a den, bump out your kitchen, or even add an apartment over the garage. Best of all you get to choose how to design the addition to tie into your existing home’s architectural style. Like most home renovation decisions, there are pros and cons to building an addition.

  • Pros: A well-built addition tends to have a high cost-value ratio and is often a cheaper alternative to buying a new home. That means you get to stay in the neighborhood you love and “build” the home of your dreams. Finally, unlike purchasing a new home to get the room you want, your addition can be designed to be whatever you want, where you want it, with the look you envision.
  • Cons: There’s a chance you could over improve the home for your neighborhood, and certain additions can shrink the size of your lot. Also, the disruption during construction may be stressful.

The bottom line? If you like your current home and neighborhood, serious consideration should be given to adding on that gives you the space and look you crave.

Which Room Do You Want to Add?

At Cottage Industries, every project we do follows a well-designed process that begins with helping you visualize your new space. We start with an in-home consultation that helps us understand what you hope to achieve:

  • Do you want a private space that offers respite from a hectic household?
  • Do you want an open floor plan that lets you stay in the middle of the action?
  • Are you creating new space for family only, or to accommodate friends, house guests, and holiday get-togethers?
  • Is a flexible space that can be multifunctional and change over time more appropriate for your needs?

From third floor additions to family room additions that blend seamlessly with the original architecture, we help Main Line homeowners beautifully expand their current living space. We understand that life constantly changes and that your home works best when it accommodates your family’s current lifestyle. Over time, families grow and shrink and grow again. One minute you need more bedrooms, the next you need a great room for entertaining. Bigger garages hold the second or third car and the kids’ bikes, while modern laundry rooms make it easy to keep up to speed with an active family.

Why It’s Worth It

Remodeling your home is a big undertaking, but a well-designed and planned out home addition will pay for itself time and again. You’ll boost your home’s value and extend its square footage. Most importantly, you’ll create the family home you’ve always imagined.
At Cottage Industries, we have a deep appreciation for the range of architectural expression in Wayne, PA and on the Main Line. We work with you to ensure that your home’s addition makes architectural sense.

Whether you want to add a second story, build a home entertainment space, or expand your existing kitchen, our design team will help you strategically and tastefully blend the old with the new. Together we can help you achieve your final goal: getting the home that you and your family can enjoy to its fullest.

Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

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