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The term “man cave” evokes images of dark rooms, oversized tv’s, black leather furniture, and makeshift bars. But these preconceived notions describe a room that bears little resemblance to the tasteful retreats many people are now including in their homes.

Many homeowners don’t even refer to them as man caves. Offices, game rooms, workrooms, pool rooms, or “back houses” are all another way to describe the place a man heads to de-stress, enjoy some downtime with the guys, or surround himself with favorite collections.

Man caves are also not a new idea. Many famous men throughout history have had a room to call their own.

Before remodeling or adding on a man cave of your own, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you creating the space? Does the man of the house need a quiet place to call his own? Is it for displaying a collection of sports memorabilia, or maybe a space for his pool table, juke box and record collection. At Cottage Industries, we once had a client who wanted to display his collection of hot sauces!
  • What purpose will the room serve? Will it be entertainment focused, with state-of-the-art projection and audio? Or how about a home gym? What you want to use the room for will have a big impact on design and budget.

Most Popular Man Caves
Once you know the answers to the why and what, we can begin the process of designing the perfect gentleman’s retreat.

  • The Garage Cave. Garages offer a lot of often underutilized square footage that can be transformed into functional refuges. Many men love the idea of an organized, designated space where they can work on passion projects or just unwind after a long day. Though located outside a home’s traditional living space, you can still have most of the same comforts. Modular storage systems are perfect for the car enthusiast, cyclist, handyman, or sportsman. A small kitchen with a regular and/or wine refrigerator can also be added.

man cave - bachelor - The Gentleman’s Guide To Man Caves on the Main Line and Philadelphia

  • The Screening Room Cave. Your available space and budget will have the most impact on what type of screening room you can build. If you want to come as close as possible to the movie-going experience, good acoustics will be key in this type of space. Some empty nesters repurpose a spare bedroom into a home theater. Besides the electronics involved, you’ll want to think about automated window shading and lighting. One of our designers can help you pull both the technology and overall look of the room together in a way that perfectly complements your home’s overall style.

home-theater-The Gentleman’s Guide To Man Caves on the Main Line and Philadelphia

Top Man Cave Essentials

What goes in to any particular man cave depends on the room’s purpose. But there are some elements that every cave should include:

  • Storage. Whether it’s basic cabinetry or specialized storage, an abundance of space to store equipment and tools is key.
  • Refreshment Center. Be it a full size kitchen, professional style bar, or a simple refrigerator, you need a place to put snacks and drinks.
  • Comfortable Seating. Invest in good quality furniture with great construction and upholstery. Low maintenance coupled with durability is best. Many men want at least one recliner.
  • Sufficient Lighting and Outlets. If your room includes power-hungry equipment, think about putting it on its own dedicated circuit.
  • The Fun Stuff. Pool tables, poker tables, and dart boards, make for fun nights with the guys. Framed movie posters and popcorn carts are a great look for home movie theaters.

masculine-game-room-designs-The Gentleman’s Guide To Man Caves on the Main Line and Philadelphia

It’s a Guy Thing – Most of the Time

A lot of man caves are often taken over by the rest of the family, especially teenagers and college students home for the weekend. And many families like it that way. For some men, it’s where they love to spend down time with their entire family, perhaps relaxing by the fireplace. Man caves are often where guests head while visiting, and where friends end up during parties.

Whether it’s humble or grand, spacious or cozy, a man cave can be personalized in a variety of ways. At Cottage Industries, we’ll help you design a room that fits your particular passions and offers you the greatest level of enjoyment. Contact us today to schedule a conversation and learn more.

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