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Adding a second story to your Radnor Township home is a lot easier than you think. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can simply remove the roof, set it aside, and reattach it later. But going up avoids a lot of the hassles you might have with expanding the footprint of your home: things like impervious coverage requirements, storm water management issues, and building setbacks that can add to your budget’s bottom line. If all of this sounds complicated, it is! And the rules keep changing too.

What to Consider with a Second Story

Adding a second or third story can open up views, maximize square footage if your lot is small, and let you put all bedrooms on a single level. It does change the exterior look of your home and requires some structural work to the floors below. All of the items below have an impact on the cost of an additional story.

  • Building up has a ripple effect on the whole house. Everything from mechanical work to finishes to structural work are affected.
  • Adding a second or third story adds much more weight to the house than the roof does, so an engineer needs to make sure the current foundation and main floor walls will support the weight. Older homes in particular tend to require structural support that meets current code requirements.
  • A new staircase usually means taking some square footage out of existing ground-floor rooms. A good designer can help you come up with some creative ideas that yield the best results.
  • All the mechanicals of your home – the furnace, water heater, and electrical panel, are based on its current square footage. Increasing the size of your home means taking a look at whether these systems are adequate for the additional space. If you live in an historical home, it also may not have adequate insulation. Consider whether you want to add it to improve the energy efficiency of the entire house.
  • If your home has a chimney, you’ll need to either build it up above the roof level or remove it. If your fireplace is wood burning, now would be an excellent time to consider converting it to gas.
  • Think about windows, doors and siding. Will you be matching them, or would you be better off replacing everything? Making this decision during the planning stage saves a lot of time and money down the road.

The Cost of Adding a Second Story in Radnor Township

There are so many variables that go into adding another story that it’s impossible to estimate what it will cost without understanding the particulars of your project. Obviously, the greater the amount of space you’re adding, the bigger your budget will be. Adding bathrooms will increase the cost significantly. Complicated roof lines will also affect the budget. There will be re-working of the plumbing, electrical, and A/C systems in home to accommodate the new spaces..

Going Up With Dormers

Depending on your home’s current layout, it may be possible to add some dormers instead of another whole floor. Adding one, two, or more dormer can add considerable space to a room. There are three types of dormers:

  • Doghouse dormers are extremely popular and can add a lot of charm to a home. They provide extra light and space on the inside without making a huge change to your home’s façade.
  • Shed dormers add considerable space, perfect for placing a bed in, or even a large bath. Because they have a bigger exterior impact, homeowners tend to put them in the rear of the home.
  • Eyebrow dormers add a pleasing aesthetic to the exterior of your home while adding additional space indoors.

Learn More

Building up is a wonderful way to add additional space to your home. Whether you want to create a spacious master suite, a home office, family room, or some sort of combination, it’s all possible when you raise the roof. Schedule a conversation today to learn more about adding a second story to your Radnor Township house. We also invite you to download our free case study eBook which details one of our award-winning historic additions.

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