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When it comes to designing a kitchen you love, the ability to have complete creative control is the key to a successful outcome. Though there are many factors to consider when building your dream kitchen, today we will focus on the countertops, specifically why concrete countertops are the best creative choice compared to the rest.

DIY Option.

The first reason is that if you like to do things yourself, concrete is the answer. Though it can take a learning curve, it does not require professional installation to complete. This allows you to become your own expert. But, do not forget that asking an expert for help is not a bad thing! It is best to do the job right and well rather than incorrectly sub-par.


The second reason is that concrete starts as a liquid and is set into a solid. This allows more manipulation with the product and gives you more freedom to do what you wish to your countertops. Even if you hire someone to do the job for you, overseeing their operation is simple.


The third and most exciting reason for designers is the fact that colors and options are practically endless with concrete countertops. Coloring options include, staining, painting, stamping and many more depending on the exact look that you want.

Stained concrete countertops and painted concrete countertops (just as with stained concrete floors and painted concrete floors) allow you the ability to really have a hold on how your counters fit into the equation of your customised kitchen. With the choice of color and tint, no matter what your goal, your countertops do not have to be a stressful decision.

Acid stained concrete countertops is done after the counter is set in place. This applies dimension by giving your counter the look marble, stone, wood and even leather if you are so bold.

Painted countertops are exactly what they sound like: Painted. The process is simple but may take a while to dry. Besides that, this is one way to really grasp the creative process of making your countertops unique to your kitchen.

If you want to have a stone look, another option to achieve this is with stamped concrete countertops. Concrete countertops are poured on site. The frame is built with the cabinetry, then the concrete is poured over. While the concrete sets, the stamping is applied in whatever pattern or style you choose. Some of these include but are not limited to slate, brick, stone, and river rock. This allows you to get the look you desire without the extra hassle.

Durability and Cost Effective.

Lastly (but definitely not two of the final reasons) to opt for a concrete countertops are the durability and cost of concrete. Durability is seen in all other forms that it is used that we encounter every day. As the base of many building operations, it is a good option for a long lasting kitchen counter because of its strength, reliability and malleability.

Concrete counters are resistant to cracking and chipping and the key lies in the sealant, so do not skimp on this option. Sadly, if your concrete does chip, because it begins in a liquid state, is it easy to repair. Along with this, concrete is very cheap compared to other types of materials, such as stone and marble.

If it is created on site, the cost is simply applied to whatever you may do, be that DIY or hiring someone else to do it for you. A rough guess of onsite cost is anywhere from $65 to $135 per square foot. If it is created off site, the shipping costs are minimal.

Compared to stone, it can be hundreds of dollars cheaper, especially if you live nowhere near the dispensary facilities of the company you buy from, meaning that shipping can be more expensive. Stone shipping starts at around $100 per square foot, and this does not include shipping as mentioned above.

Stone and marble are not as easily repaired as concrete as well, this meaning another aspect of cost if something does happen to your counters. Concrete countertops provided the most bang for your buck as well as the most creative options for your kitchen.

So, why choose anything else?

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