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Is your kitchen feeling tired, drab, or in need of an injection of style? No matter if it’s a large remodel you’re after, or a just a few small changes, your cooking space could likely use some pizazz. Find out the home remodeling trends 2016 is heralding in for kitchens.

Whatever your style is, be on-trend with the latest cabinets, colors, backsplashes, flooring, and more. And, read our tips on how to pick out the best kitchen appliances.

Ready to remodel? Here are the top home remodeling trends for 2016 that will transform your kitchen.

  1. Transitional kitchens

If you and your home don’t quite fit into one of the traditional interior design categories, you’re in luck. Home remodeling trends for 2016 include transitional kitchens, which blend traditional and contemporary styles.

Pair traditional cabinets and subway tile with modern elements like industrial lighting and stainless steel appliances. Transitional kitchens also tend toward natural elements, like wood and stone, and warm neutrals included in the color scheme.

  1. Shaker-style cabinets

While shaker-style cabinets have been around for some time, the look is on trend for 2016, because of its versatility. Shaker-style cabinets can fit in with a range of kitchen styles, from country to contemporary. They offer a sleek, clean look perfect for a modern kitchen, or blend well with more traditional styles. With a vast choice of finishes, shaker-style cabinets can fit in most kitchens.

  1. Classic colors
    traditional-kitchen (1)

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you don’t want to choose a color scheme that you’ll get sick of, or will be out of style, in a year or few. Choosing classic colors means your kitchen will stand the test of time.

Use blacks, whites, and grays—colors pulled from nature that will age well. Want more flair in your kitchen? Choose an interesting or favorite color that compliments for seating, accessories, or appliances.

  1. Unique and clever storage

Home remodeling trends for 2016 point to unique and clever storage solutions. Maximize space and make it easier to reach pots and pans with slide-out shelving. And gone are the days of lazy susans and wasted space at cabinet corners. Go for smart corner drawers cut on a diagonal.

Looking for more clever storage ideas? Read more on kitchen storage made easy.

  1. Eye-catching backsplashes

Nothing is hotter right now than eye-catching backsplashes, which make a great focal point in your kitchen. While tile is the most popular option, consider backsplashes made of natural stone, glass, antique or reclaimed wood, or even wallpaper.

  1. Hardwood flooring

While tile and laminate flooring have been popular choices for kitchens in recent decades, hardwood flooring is cropping up in more kitchens these days. Wider planks, 6 inches wide or more, are a home remodeling trend, as is the use of reclaimed and antique wood flooring. Lighter shades of hardwood are also on trend right now.

  1. Apron sinks

Apron, or farmhouse, sinks are making a resurgence, and many homeowners are making them a focal point of their kitchen design. Size is also a factor, as the trend in 2016 is toward larger appliances and sinks. Apron sinks come in a range of styles and materials, and can fit with different kitchen styles.

  1. Smart home automation

Technology has found its way into many aspects of our lives, including kitchens. Home automation makes life easier, allowing you to program the heat and lights in your kitchen, or even have a hot pot of coffee at the ready each morning when you wake up.

Appliances are even getting smarter. Look for touch-control dishwashers that are both quiet and sleek in appearance, or go for a steam clothes dryer that adjusts drying time based on need, and can be programmed remotely.

Learn more about home automation by reading how to make your house look smart. <<LINK>>

  1. Fresh hues for sinks

Sinks are getting a color refresh, and are a popular home remodeling trend for 2016. Sinks are no longer saddled with being white or stainless steel alone. Sinks in bright orange, apple green, canary yellow, and navy or baby blue can offer an unexpected pop of color where the eye isn’t expecting to see one. Make sure you choose a sink color that goes well with the scheme of your kitchen as a whole, and don’t overdo your sink color elsewhere in the kitchen.

  1. Going commercial grade

Whether it’s the popularity of cooking shows, or just a hot trend, commercial grade appliances are a must-have in many kitchens in 2016. Not only will the larger, more powerful appliances make cooking easier and more fun, you’ll be prepared to cook for more than a few guests at your next party.

Which home remodeling trends for 2016 could you see in your kitchen? Contact us today to get the conversation started!

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