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Ahhh, Fall is in the air: The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, and apple cider donuts have hit the shelves. Whether you love cozy Fall nights at home, or gathering in the kitchen for a Fall feast, do so in autumnal style.

Spice up your kitchen for Fall by redecorating for the season, or remodeling with a timeless Fall look.

Read on for ideas on new materials for your Fall kitchen, refreshing for the season, which autumn colors work best for keeps, and what fall décor to incorporate into your eating area.

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Introducing Changes With New Materials

You don’t have to redo your entire kitchen to make an interesting and stylish change. Consider additions to your kitchen in the following materials to spruce things up this Fall season:

  • Reflect on the season. Mirrors reflect light, which we have far less of in the fall months, and offer the illusion of more space. A mirrored backsplash, cabinet doors, or even just hanging one or more mirrors strategically in the kitchen can make a big impact.
  • Warm up. If you have a cooler-toned kitchen, in grays, blacks, or whites, consider warming things up for the season with soft brushed gold or brass cabinet pulls, faucets, or pendant lights. These materials can offer hints of golden sun to warm up your kitchen without overwhelming.
  • The marble solution. If you’ve always loved the look of marble, but don’t want the headache of worrying about stains (everything from wine to water can stain marble), consider quartz. It is durable, and can be a great substitute for marble. The bright color won’t leave you feeling down in the dumps as summer fades away.

No matter if you like to decorate to the hilt for Fall, making some of these more subtle changes can have just as big of an impact.

Refreshing Your Kitchen For The Fall

If you’re looking for some more obvious touches of Fall to add to your kitchen, consider the following tips to add autumnal bliss:

  • Mason jars. Fill them with nature’s fall colors, and display on shelves and counters. Think Fall veggies, mini pumpkins, beans and grains, or even pressed autumn leaves. Or, use mason jars to serve warm apple cider or even a hard cider drink.
  • Tea infuser. Display a stylish loose-leaf tea infuser to suggest warmth for the season, and inspire family and friends to gather around for a warm cup of tea.
  • Pie plate. Seek out a pretty pie plate in a Fall shade, or that comes in the shape of a pumpkin. Display it on the counter when not in use, then put it into use and enjoy autumn aromas in your kitchen.

There are endless ideas for how to infuse fall into your kitchen. Whatever you choose, enjoy the season while you can.

Permanent Fall Colors For Your Kitchen

For some, Fall is a favorite season that deserves year-round homage. If you’re considering a color-redo in your kitchen, there are some Fall colors to consider that don’t leave you feeling like you’re living in a giant pumpkin.

Fall colors that make great year-round choices:

  • Deep red: Not just for walls, consider deep red for cabinetry, too. Paired with quartz countertops, black, and stainless steel, deep red can add a beautiful touch of color without being overpowering. If red is too bold for your walls or cabinets, consider pops of red, such as appliances or chairs, to add some Fall color.
  • Bright orange. Paired with natural wood, creamy whites, or even softer greens, orange can make a bold yet beautiful statement in your kitchen. Think orange for bench cushions or chair covers, backsplashes, or for the back of open cabinets.
  • Golden yellow. Mimic the Fall wheat harvest by choosing a golden yellow for walls, curtains, or even bead board islands. The color has great sticking power for a year-round lift.
  • Apple green. Apple green walls set off stonework, woodwork, and other natural elements. It pairs well with dark gray cabinets and stainless steel. Consider open wooden shelving and a butcher’s block to compliment the color.

Fall Décor Looks

Looking for some simple touches to add to your Fall kitchen? Here are five ideas and inspirations to dress up your kitchen for the season.

1) Fill a fruit bowl with gourds and pumpkins in interesting shapes and colors. Display on the counter or table.

2) Bring mums indoors, displayed in galvanized steel buckets or wooden crates.

3) Consider plates and bowls in the shape of autumn leaves to dress up your dining area.

4) Bake something pumpkin flavored to display and eat.

5) Display mini Indian corn on the table, or fill a glass vase

Fall is a fun season, and hopefully you can find the right touches to give your kitchen a bold, or more subtle, seasonal look.

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