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Adding a custom home addition to your Main Line or Greater Philadelphia home is a terrific way to create more room for your family or get you that special room you’ve been longing for. Choosing a quality design-build firm ultimately means finding one you trust to get the job done right. Before you jump into your search, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1.  What do I want in a custom home addition? This is a bigger question than it appears. Everyone has different motivations for adding on. The simple answer might be you want a new master suite, a new kitchen or spacious family room, but you also need to explore your reasons for wanting the new space so you can be certain the custom addition you build fits your needs.
  2.  What is my budget? A custom home addition is a big investment, one of the largest you can make in your home. For many homeowners, the budget conversation can be an awkward one. Working with a design-build firm like ours helps lessen the anxiety. Our approach is different from most other contractors, designed to ensure there are no surprises or disappointments. We actively encourage our clients to engage in open and honest communication about what they want to spend and what the work will cost.
  3.  Will my custom home addition complement my home? Do you want to build up another level or bump out? It’s important to make sure your new addition ties in with your existing home and doesn’t just look like an afterthought. Getting the roof right, matching exterior materials, matching or blending architectural styles, and creating a smooth interior transition are all key to creating an attractive and comfortable new space.

We Put People First

At Cottage Industries, our decades of experience have given us a clear understanding of what a good custom home addition project entails. We know how important it is to offer our clients quality and care that will last a lifetime. We want you to understand how our process works, and what the expected outcomes will be.

To put it more succinctly, we want you to be happy. For us, everything is about the people involved. Tiles, flooring, and cabinetry are important of course, but communication, integrity, and trust are what makes the home addition process an enjoyable one. To get there, our designers go through several iterations of design work. We work through your design options, trying out different approaches until we land on the one that is “just right.”

As we work to match your vision and budget, we take a look at all the pros and cons the project may involve and look for ways to make it a success. A successful and enjoyable new custom home addition is what we strive for. That goes hand-in hand with your financial considerations. At Cottage, we’re committed to meeting your expectation through open communication and honesty.

Pleasing the Customer Every Step of the Way

Have we mentioned our goal is make our clients happy? The best way to feel reassured you’re choosing a firm you can trust to build your custom home addition, is to ask for references. A firm can have a gorgeous website that makes a lot of promises, but nothing compares to testimonials or online reviews like those at Houzz from real customers. The more, the better.

We encourage potential clients to talk to other homeowners we’ve worked with. We have an extensive reference list of people who are willing to share their experience with our firm with you. Many of them have used our firm for multiple projects. Talk to them about how their project went. Ask them, too, about things that didn’t quite go as planned, and how Cottage handled it. Then trust your internal guide.

We go that extra mile for our clients, no matter what comes up. We think it’s important that our clients understand we chose to go into the home remodeling business. We’re dedicated to meeting your custom home addition goals with focus, integrity, and a personal touch. That’s why we say our services go far beyond the “bricks and sticks,” extending to every facet of the design-build experience.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to begin creating a new and incredible custom home addition, we’re prepared to discuss your project and take the steps necessary to make your dream come true. Schedule a conversation with us today to learn more. We look forward to meeting with you!


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