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Selling your home can be confusing and emotionally overwhelming, especially for seniors who want to sell the home they’ve lived in for many years. Regardless of whether you’re moving just a few miles away or across the country, it can be a stressful time. By doing some research and preparations, you can help ease some of the stress involved in moving.

Reasons for Moving

Once you’re retired, you have more free time, and you may want to spend that time with your children and grandchildren. However, that can be difficult if visiting your family requires a trip by plane or a seven-hour drive. For this reason, many seniors pack their bags and make the move. Other seniors are still living in homes that they purchased when they were raising kids; however, they now find that they have a lot of unused space in their home, and they decide to downsize by either moving to smaller home or moving into an assisted living community.

Other seniors realize that their home isn’t senior-friendly. For example, the home may have a lot of steps or doesn’t feature a stand-up shower. The house may also be located far away from conveniences, such as doctor’s offices, restaurants, or grocery stores. Seniors often make a move to home that is more accessible both for themselves and to amenities.

If you currently own an expensive apartment or home that isn’t paid off, moving to different location can save you money. Even if your home is paid off, you can potentially make money on the home and use it toward your new home. Moving to an area with lower tax incomes levels “can cut your overhead substantially and increase the amount of your portfolio,” says U.S. News. Also, some states offer enticing tax breaks on pension income, as well as age-related property tax exemptions or deductions.

Selling Your Home

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When trying to sell your home, a few small and inexpensive modifications can go a long way in helping your home sell quicker and may even increase your home’s value. A great place to start is the kitchen, which is viewed as the heart of the home. For a relatively low price, you can paint the cabinets and replace the hardware to really bring new life to the kitchen. You can also replace the faucet and update light fixtures.

The second most important room in a house is the bathroom. Replacing your toilet seat and mirror are low-cost options that can make a big difference. A new vanity doesn’t have to break the bank, and it can completely change the look of your bathroom. Regrouting the tile in your shower can really spruce it up.

Go through your home and touch up the paint on walls, doors, windowsills, and baseboards. Consider painting all the rooms in your home, as a fresh coat of paint makes everything look clean and bright again. This is especially true if your paint colors are out of date or aren’t neutral tones. Decluttering is also essential. It will make your home look cleaner and bigger, and you’ll also have less stuff to pack up, less to move, and less to unpack at your new home once you’ve gotten rid of items you don’t need. A great question to consider while you’re decluttering is “Do I use this item often?”

Moving is stressful on its own, and coupled with the task of selling your old home, it can be overwhelming. By taking on a few simple upgrades, you can help your home sell easier and faster. If the small upgrades are difficult for you physically, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some small preparations can help you make the right decision when moving, reduce your stress levels, and can even help you make more money when you sell your old home.


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