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Up until the early part of the 1900s, the kitchen and dining room were two separate and distinct areas. In the 1950s, the lines between kitchen and dining rooms began to blur. Today, the open concept kitchen is extremely popular, but you might be surprised by some statistics uncovered by a recent U.S. Census survey. While 47% of homes constructed before 1960 had separate dining rooms, 51% percent of houses constructed between 2005 and 2009 had the same. It seems that, contrary to popular belief, the dining room is not obsolete. What has changed is the way homeowners design the kitchen and dining room layout.

Many Villanova area homeowners say they love the idea of closing the door to the kitchen to enjoy a peaceful meal in their separate dining room. Others love how an open concept lets the cook converse with people in other rooms or keep an eye on the kids.

Opening Up the Walls

Many Villanova homes have a decent-sized dining room, but in houses with less square footage, a small dining room can feel cramped. Removing one or more walls to improve the flow and get a feeling of more space can be the perfect solution. There are several design choices you can make:

  • Remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create a combined space that accommodates a larger dining table for entertaining.
  • Remove the wall and replace it with an eating counter or island with chairs. You’ll still accommodate larger groups, but also retain some countertop work space that may get lost when the wall comes down. This solution also lets you remove the kitchen table and chair for even more space.
  • Expand available storage space by adding custom cabinetry.

Removing a wall or two allows you to keep the character of your older home while gaining improved livability. Budget-wise, factors such as adding a beam, moving plumbing, and installing new flooring should be taken into consideration.

7 Practical Dining Room Ideas

Whether you decide to remodel your existing kitchen to incorporate the dining room or add on to enlarge a formal dining room, here are some design tips to turn it into the perfect dining spot for family and friends.

  1. The Dining Room Table is the room’s most important piece of furniture. People are choosing styles that complement their Villanova home’s architecture, including tables that incorporate stone.
  2. Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of space, making a small area look and feel larger. A large framed mirror that reflects an outdoor view or interior lighting can be stunning.
  3. Storage and Display options like sideboards, credenzas, or buffets complete the room and offer up additional storage. To give an Old World feel to the room, install built-in wine storage on one or both sides of a sideboard.
  4. Flooring needs to match, complement, or be completely replaced if you want to keep a continuous flow. Your budget should consider flooring for the kitchen, dining room, and/or any connecting hallways.
  5. Rugs can be used to create coziness and define separate areas, especially if the space is being opened.
  6. Be Creative and use bold colors and bright patterns. The key is to not go overboard with any one design element. Adventurous design choices like these work best when used in combination with traditional wood furniture.
  7. Update the Lighting by hanging an eye-catching chandelier. Or add a modern touch by using industrial-style lighting in an otherwise traditional setting.  

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The dining room may take a backseat to the kitchen, living, and family room for remodeling, but it plays an important role in the home. Whether you use it to host formal dinner parties or as the designated family dining spot, we hope these ideas inspire you to turn it into a room everyone can enjoy. Schedule a conversation with us today, and don’t forget to download our free guide, 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Remodeling Contractor which will help you determine whether your contractor is the right choice for your next home remodeling project.

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