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You have to cover all the bases when planning your home addition. For instance, you will need to decide whether it is more ideal to build up or build out. And, should you pick the former, know that it comes with its own unique set of challenges. For instance, can your home even handle a second-story addition? Here’s how you can tell.

second story addition

  • Have the capacity of the foundation checked. The foundation supports the floors and the load-bearing walls of your home. But there is a limit to how much load it can handle. To determine whether your foundation can bear the weight of a second-story addition, you will need to have it checked by an engineer. The person will test the capacity of the existing foundation, and, if the result shows that it is capable of handling the additional load, then the work may proceed.

  • Take into account the foundation’s current state. Load capacity that allows for a second-story addition is important, but the foundation should also be in good condition. You will need to have the walls checked for cracks and other indications of damage. Consult a reliable expert like Cottage Industries. Our skilled and experienced team will perform a comprehensive inspection of your existing foundation. We’ll handle the repairs and, if necessary, install new columns to better reinforce the structure.

  • Consider wind resistance. This factor is integral for a second-story addition. If it is not designed to withstand excess wind pressure, any major weather event can cause damage to it. The new framing should be tied down properly to resist wind uplift forces, and steel straps may be used to connect the addition firmly to the first story.

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