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We understand how overwhelming major home renovations, such as historic restorations and kitchen remodels, can be. Big home improvements mean you also need to make big decisions. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to overanalyze things, and, when everything gets too complicated for you, know that you can always consult a remodeling expert for help.  

Here are ways to avoid choice paralysis during a major home remodel. 


What Is Choice or Analysis Paralysis?


Analysis paralysis is when a person overthinks a certain situation to the point that a decision or action is not taken, creating a paralyzing outcome. Someone who is suffering from this gets very lost when analyzing and evaluating information necessary for making a choice that the person actually becomes unable to decide. 


American psychologist Herbert Simon says that there are two paths people can take when making decisions. Some “satisfice”  or choose the first option that suits their needs or one that most meets their expectations. Others “maximize” or don’t settle on what’s presented to them, but keep on searching for better options. Those who maximize are more likely to take more time in making decisions in the hope of coming across a better option or deals. They are also the ones who usually experience analysis paralysis.


How to Avoid This Problem


Prioritize Decisions


Don’t be so stressed with making decisions for your kitchen remodeling project. Prioritizing decisions can help you avoid analysis paralysis. First, you need to determine which ones need to be addressed immediately and which can be tackled later. Ask yourself how important these decisions are and how will their outcome affect the next stage of your project. You also need to consider what could go wrong based on the decisions you make. 


Instead of deciding in one go, you can break up decisions into smaller steps. It will be easier to work on a set of smaller but easier choices first before tackling bigger ones. Also, everything doesn’t need to be perfect, and every decision you make will always have a downside. You need to accept those so you can keep moving forward. 


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