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As you plan out your major kitchen or bathroom remodeling, you’re probably considering getting several bids from prospective contractors to get the best price. However, it’s more essential that you find contractors that are a good match for you as they’ll understand exactly what your needs and preferences are for your home.

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The Myth of the Three Bids Rule

Many homeowners believe that they need to get three or more competitive bids in order to get an affordable deal, thinking nothing of shelling out tens of thousands of dollars and opening up their home to remodelers who they have selected based on price alone. This kind of reasoning won’t really be beneficial for your home in the long run, however, because it takes a while to get a detailed bid (about three to four weeks). The longer it takes to get the bids back, the more data you have to compare, and the longer it takes for you to make your decision.

The Lowest Bids Are Hardly the Best Choice

When it comes to a remodeling project, you’ll need to get the best price without spending too much or too little from your budget. You need to consider three things: quality, service and price – and typically, you’ll have to sacrifice one of these. For instance, a contractor that offers the lowest bid may seem like the best choice for you, but it will also likely mean the quality or service may be affected.

Prioritize on Hiring the Right Contractor Instead

Getting multiple bids can take a while, and not all the prices offered will ensure excellent quality and service. You’d rather go for a contractor who genuinely listens to your plans and discusses how it can best be implemented. That way, you can be confident that your home remodel will be worth the investment!

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