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Designer construction isn’t just about the new. It’s also about the old and how it blends with the new. One such example is the construction of new homes and the remodeling of older ones with the Neoclassical style.

What Is the Neoclassical Style and How Did It Start?

Neoclassical style, or Neoclassicism, is about luxury, but it’s not loud or attention-seeking. It’s subdued and refined – even though there are some over-the-top finishing touches. However, it’s a step away from the design movements of the past, which were all about announcing their splendor.


This style has Greco-Roman roots and borrows from the Rococo style. As an eighteenth century design, Neoclassicism was the favored theme for the homes of the wealthy in Europe and some in America. The English architect Robert Adam was successful in combining different elements of Western architecture with the Greek and Roman architecture prevalent in preceding times.


Today, many homes still have a Neoclassical design infused with modern touches.


What Are the Key Elements?

If designer remodeling is in your plans, you can take some inspiration from these key elements of the Neoclassical trend:


Color – Colors are typically mild. Think cream, gray, green, yellow and blue. For the highlights, you need some strong hues like red, black, silver and gold. This design is also known for the use of floral patterns. It’s acceptable to use floral designs from floor to ceiling as long as it’s done in good taste.


Furniture – Simplicity and symmetry dominate furniture design. The colors mentioned above can apply to furniture, though dark wood is also at home with this style. Embellishments are where the over-the-top finishes apply. Stone and marble floors are classy, and Persian carpets are a symbol of the affluence native to the design. Don’t forget to consider floral patterns for your carpets. Fabrics and upholstery should always be luxurious without being ostentatious so think velvet, damask silk, linen and brocade.


Decorations – You can’t achieve the Neoclassical design without a few decorations, from quietly lavish chandeliers to large mirrors with artsy frames using the color theme. Decorative moldings are part and parcel of this principle. Pottery, statues and other such items will look right at home.


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