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As you plan out your major home remodeling project, you may sometimes hear about the terms “master bedroom” or “master suite” in your discussion with the interior designer. But did you know that there’s a difference between the two terms? 

The Master Bedroom


Bedrooms aren’t made the same. They differ in terms of size, furniture placement and even layout. Three of the most common bedrooms found in homes are the guest bedroom, children’s bedroom and the master bedroom. The term “master bedroom” refers to a room that’s usually larger and more luxuriously decorated than other bedrooms, and they’re sometimes known as the “primary bedroom”. 

Master/primary bedrooms have the biggest space and the best placement in a house. They also often feature a personal bathroom as well as the nicest views out of the other types of residential bedrooms. It’s also the place where the head of the family usually sleeps. However, some homes that have master bedrooms listed on the real estate market will not always mean they have great views. Instead, they’ll refer it to a bigger room without any adjacent bathroom. 


The Master Suite

What makes a master/primary suite different from a master bedroom is that it has all the features the latter has and a lot more. Most contractors can agree that the definition of a master suite is a large room that has a private bathroom and several other amenities depending on the individual’s needs and preferences. This can include a space for lounging, a fireplace, a small office with a door and even a walk-in closet!

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