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The Master Bedroom Suite is a private oasis, your retreat at the end of the day.  The Master Bathroom is an extension of that room. Expanding the master bathroom is a great idea, especially if you’re looking to add a  little bit of luxury Are you dreaming of creating your very own spa?  Is a soaker tub calling your name? Or maybe, it’s a shower for two with high tech multi jets?  Whatever your dream, Cottage Industries is on the pulse of what’s trending in the world today. 

Splish Splash

So where do you begin in your master bath?

First, let’s look at size. Do you need something larger, more storage, more elbow room with a sink for two?  In that case, maybe we can borrow space from a closet or a hallway nook. Re-creating an existing area is certainly easier on the wallet.  Perhaps though, all you need to do is re-imagine the floor plan and update your features.

large master bath expansion idea

Master Bathrooms have become the luxurious eye candy of the homeowner.  Coffee stations, wine coolers and T.V.’s are becoming a common feature sought after by many folks today. The need for speed in this multi-tasking world begins as you do, in your master bath.  So whether it’s coffee ready as you finish your morning shower or wine at night as you soak in your tub, your Master Bathroom awaits your vision. Whatever you’re seeking, it begins here at Cottage Industries. 

Finishing Touches

Think about your needs, wants, and comforts.  Include fixtures, lighting, surfaces, and flooring.  If natural light is in your vision, then more windows are a must.  (No sunglasses required!) Maybe repurpose a vintage bureau for your vanity.  Open shelving for towels is a sleek modern approach while radiant heat adds warmth for your frosty toes.  Luxury and efficiency are no longer an either/or. Now you can have it all – it’s the Cottage way!

Are you preparing to remodel your master bathroom? We’d love to show you how we can help! Reach out today to start the conversation.

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