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It’s important to respect a historic home’s essence when starting a restoration project. You should proceed with care and caution as you restore the building to its full glory. Here are some special considerations you will need to make when undertaking a historic home restoration project.



Your House’s History

You should make it a point to keep your home’s original features visually distinct from anything you may add to your home. This is part of respecting your home’s history. Your house’s history should be visible so you should make sure that it is not lost among the additions of rooms, walls and the like. When constructing an addition, you should also make sure that this addition matches the original architectural period of your home.

Original Materials

As a bathroom remodeling and whole home remodeling expert, we strongly recommend using original materials as much as possible during your historic home restoration. You should do your best to stay true to the period, and this includes using the correct materials, colors and textures for your home. These original materials will give justice to your home’s original structure and design.

Modern Upgrades

If you want to integrate modern updates and amenities into your home, then you need to do so in a non-intrusive manner. You should keep technological developments to a minimum because your house’s charm is due to its historically significant features. You should not alter your home’s architecture or its unique details. Highlight its historical features instead!

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