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Professionals in home construction and historic restorations can agree that the bathroom is more than just an average room. It’s a place where people freshen up after waking up as well as relax and wind down after a long day. And in your home, it’s also a sanctuary for your family wherein they can collect themselves at any time as they go about their daily activities.  

But with the weather getting colder this fall and winter season, it’s more important than ever to provide a sense of warmth and coziness to make the most out of your bathroom experience. While there are different ways to make your bathroom more comfortable this fall and winter season, why not take it a step further and take a few points from a popular design trend? More specifically, the Danish hygge concept.

A Hygge-Inspired Bathroom Design

The word “hygge” doesn’t have a direct English translation. However, the term itself describes a certain mood, a design style or a way of life. It’s a concept defining the simpler pleasures of life and creating a relaxing space to wind down. It’s also a year-round custom in Danish culture, but you can also apply this concept not just in your bathroom, but also in the rest of your home’s interiors! 

Hygge Remodeling Tips for Your Bathroom Design 

If you’re planning to add a little more warmth and comfort to your bathroom space, there are different ways to do this. But if you’re planning a more hygge-inspired design, you’ll need to work with experienced contractors in bathroom remodeling and home additions. To help you out, Cottage Industries shares some useful remodeling tips to consider:

  • Choose a Neutral Palette 
    Part of the hygge design language is having different elements work together to create a peaceful and harmonious space. The best way to do this is by choosing a good neutral color for your bathroom design. We recommend choosing a backdrop of creams, tans and light greys for your flooring and wall. 

The bathroom design may seem dull and plain as of now, but it’ll pop out more when we add more detail and texture later in the process. Just make sure to avoid loud colors and patterns as you build around your neutral color palette! Your shower walls and countertops should also be considered; subtle patterns that evoke an organic feel like marble or quartz heighten the hygge bathroom experience. 

  • Add Some Plants 
    As experienced professionals in interior remodeling and home additions, we strongly recommend having plants in your bathroom space especially if you’re a plant person. The presence of greenery will help make you feel more grounded and at peace. Whether you choose a single potted plant or several hanging plants, it can make a difference in how your bathroom design will feel. Not only will these natural plants help you feel rooted as you start or end your day, but they’ll also provide a livelier feeling. This is because the greenery adds more color to the neutral color palette!

  • Install a Heated Towel Rack 
    This is a necessity when planning a warm and cozy bathroom design. Not only is it a simple and inexpensive upgrade for your bathroom, but it also comes with a few benefits. It helps dry damp towels as well as keep them warm, replicating the spa experience!

  • Add Soft Lighting 
    A hygge-inspired bathroom design won’t look good under harsh overhead lighting. If you want to maintain a sense of warmth and coziness in your bathroom space, you’ll need to consider adding softer lighting. Instead of relying on a single bright light at the center of your bathroom’s ceiling, consider installing multiple points of light around the space to evoke a softer ambiance. For instance, wall sconces on each side of the shower and over the vanity for better illumination.

You can even use different candles to enhance your relaxing bathroom experience! Candles help set the tone for your bathroom design as they provide just enough light with a bit of warmth that wraps around the space. And if you’re going for perfumed candles, make sure to choose a scent that won’t be too overpowering as it wafts around the bathroom.

  • Install an At-Home Spa 
    Keep in mind that the hygge concept is all about calm and relaxation. One of the best ways to achieve this is to incorporate spa elements into your bathroom design and create a space for rest and rejuvenation. For instance, you can consult with your bathroom contractor and design your shower area in a way that makes it feel like you’re under a waterfall. This will make you look forward to your otherwise mundane shower time at the start or end of your day! You can also consider adding a full tub for soaking afterward so that you’ll get a more luxurious experience every time you use it. 

Other Design Tips to Consider

  • Textured Bath Mats 
    To help keep your feet warm as you use your bathroom during the colder months, invest in thick high-pile rugs and bath mats. Doing this will also add more texture to your hygge-inspired bathroom space while keeping the design visually relaxing on the eyes. Also, consider adding an opaque tub curtain that matches your bathroom’s décor for more privacy and visual appeal! Consider installing thermal-insulated curtains by your bathroom windows as well since they can keep the space warmer for longer.

  • Additional More Shelves and Storage 
    You can never go wrong with adding more shelves and cabinets in your bathroom design as long as you have the space. Although you can always discuss with your hired contractor about what type of storage solutions can fit into your hygge-inspired bathroom, some of the most common ones include freestanding shelving units, over-the-toilet shelves and even wall-hanging shelves.

Whether you’re planning a hygge-inspired bathroom remodel or need a professional in historic restorations, Cottage Industries is your best choice for the job. Contact us today at (610) 293-9750 or through our online request form, and let’s talk about your latest remodeling project!

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