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When you think of art, you think of oil paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs. No matter what type of media they are, artworks were created to inspire different kinds of feelings. Art can also make a lasting visual impact in an interior space, but if you want to achieve this in your home, here are a few creative ways to make it possible:

Display Artwork


Grouping makes use of smaller art pieces placed together to create one larger artwork. This is usually done when the art pieces are from the same collection, but it also works when they’re similar to each other in some way, such as texture, type of media or even color scheme. So long as your group of artworks share a similar characteristic, this technique will turn them into a great centerpiece in any room!

This technique is also great for tight areas, such as between windows or a corner wall. If you’re doing a bathroom remodeling project, you can group your art pieces in a vertical arrangement to elongate the narrow space.


Pedestals can be placed in your home to help bring more interest to your 3D art pieces. Placing them on top of pedestals brings them closer to eye level and makes them stand out more in your home. We suggest using pedestals in rooms that often have a lot of traffic like the foyer or living room. You can also place a small art piece on a pedestal in your bathroom as part of its design!

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