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If you’re planning your kitchen remodel to accommodate those with accessibility or mobility issues, you need to consider how it can be implemented. Each accessible kitchen is designed differently, but they mostly share the same type of features that provide more comfort and convenience. You also need to work with experienced designer remodeling experts who can make your dream kitchen a reality!  

Redesign Your Existing Cabinets

Consult with your hired contractor about different storage solutions that can  accommodate those with limited mobility. They can also vary depending on their specific needs. Some of the most popular storage solutions include drawers that are upgraded with touch-to-open features for better ease of use. Roll-out baskets are also popular in accessible kitchens for smaller items as well as heavy-duty rollers to ensure safer handling of dishes and large pots/pans. 

Consider Accessible Kitchen Appliances

You can also discuss with your kitchen contractor how you can make the appliances more accessible in your kitchen design. Many modern appliances will have accessible features while not looking any different from normal appliances to ensure they can blend in perfectly in any type of kitchen design. Other appliances like the microwave can be mounted below the countertop for better accessibility.

Apart from accessible appliances, you should also redesign other features of your kitchen to accommodate more accessibility. For instance, consider a shallow sink that should only be around five to six and a half inches deep. The dishwasher should also be raised at least six to eight inches off the floor for better ease of use for those with mobility issues. 

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