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The range hood is one of the many elements of a functional kitchen. It vents vapors, fumes, grease and other smells emanating from your kitchen to ensure a healthy indoor environment. However, it comes in different designs and sizes, which is why it is important that you also treat it as a design feature that blends well with the rest of your kitchen’s interior.

Range hood choices for kitchen remodeling

Here’s how to choose a range hood for your new kitchen design.

Know Your Options

Most hoods fall in the all-in-one type, which is an affordable choice. Others come with a two-piece insert and an outer shell, which are more customizable and, thus, a higher-end selection. Depending on the design of your new kitchen, you can choose from a wide range of models. A chimney-style hood is preferred in kitchens without any cabinets above the range area. Otherwise, an under-the-cabinet hood is a way to go. Ceiling-mounted range hoods fit well in an open kitchen design.

Make It a Focal Point of Your Kitchen

Your range hood should also serve as a focal point in your kitchen. Whether it stands on its own or is juxtaposed between cabinets, its appearance should increase the room’s overall vibe. Wood hoods impart a traditional feel to the kitchen and can look like a furniture piece with their curves and decorative accents. Metal hoods, especially those made of copper or stainless steel, give the room a unique industrial feel. Talk to a kitchen designer to help you make the right choice.

Pick a Hood That Works for Your Kitchen

Before you start a kitchen remodel, be sure to choose your range hood first. In doing so, it will be easier to redesign or reinstall the necessary ductwork. Also, determine your kitchen’s level of utility. If you’ll be grilling or frying food regularly, see to it that the range hood is powerful enough to minimize greases and odor. Proper sizing is of great importance as well. Proper sizing is of great importance as well. A professional-grade hood covers a large area that includes the stovetop.

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