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Advances in media technology, along with the continuing popularity of content streaming services, has allowed many people to enjoy the latest movies and dramas in the comfort of their own home. If you are looking to upgrade your viewing experience, you may find that adding a media room can be a worthy investment. But the important question is: Will it help increase your property value?

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The Short Answer Is YES 

A media room can definitely add to your home’s overall value. This is especially true in the current environment, where many people are looking for hobbies and entertainment that allow them to stay indoors. The addition of a well-furnished and state-of-the-art media room can be a big selling point. It is a luxury investment that tells the story of an improved lifestyle for a number of potential buyers.

But the fact is that increased resale value should not be your top priority when putting together a media room. It will attract prospective buyers who have always wanted one to be sure, but not those who have a different hobby. Not only that – those who ARE interested will be more selective of the technology you have installed, making the home sale a bit more challenging. For this reason, you should instead look at a media room, or other home additions, as an upgrade you can personally enjoy while living at home.

Why You Should Invest in a Media Room

There are plenty of things to love about a media room. While it is primarily used for watching movies, its design and setup makes it versatile enough to be used for game nights and album listening parties. Think of it as a spacious living room with a high-tech upgrade to the screen and sound. And, compared to a home theatre, which has a sort of rigid vibe, a media room is more casual. It is perfect for playdates, family hangouts and viewing parties, which means creating memories with friends and family is easier and better.

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