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The most important thing to know is that at Cottage Industries, we handle all aspects of permitting and inspections for you.  You, the homeowner can be confident that all the necessary groundwork will be taken care of before we begin.

Make no mistake, pulling permits can become a very complicated process.  The more intricate a remodel or renovation, the more township or city approvals that need to be managed.  All jobs require permits! They are a built-in protection system for you to make sure your project is up to code.

So whether it’s a building permit (structural) or a mechanical (HVAC) permit, or an electrical permit, or any other permit that may be necessary for your particular project,  Cottage Industries will navigate the waters for you through the entire process.


Inspections are part of the permitting process.  Each permit requires its’ own inspection. Typically there are multiple inspections that need to occur for each pulled permit.  Avoiding inspections can be timely and costly. Any work that was done even completed work, would have to be undone, wasting time, effort, and money!

what permits and inspections are necessary to complete our project

How Long Does The Permitting Process Typically Take?

Depending on the complexity of your project, obtaining a permit may take anywhere from two weeks to two months or more.  On average, you can expect a two to four week time slot. Remember, every job is unique and requires different procedures and actions to take place.  Here at Cottage Industries, we handle all the worries for you, leaving you to enjoy your soon to be newly remodeled home!

The Final Inspection

At this phase of the project, the township or city does a final walkthrough of all designated work areas. It only takes minutes for them to give you their final stamp of approval for a job well done. The only thing left to do is celebrate!

If you are getting ready for a remodel to your Main Line home and would like to learn more about the permitting process, reach out to schedule a conversation today.

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